I steal time from Time

Photography is my obsession. I like to think that I steal time from Time by freezing serendipitous moments and creating impactful narratives on the big stage named street. A stage where the uniqueness of human beings manifests in all its complexity.


The very first movies I watched were in black and white. Some of my memories are in black and white. That is probably why B&W photography has a special place in my heart. Suddenly, Time becomes atemporal, and reality transforms into a timeless, magical, and cinematic realm


My color images speak about how I see the world around me: chromatic chaos filled with hidden images that I invite others to discover, by mixing natural and artificial elements to create magic realism.


I have always been curious about human beings. The way they think, the way they dress, the image they strive to project in their social environment, their gesture, and mimic. In my pictures, I assign people a role in a piece in which I am the sole director, as they become the favorite characters of a new, favorite story. They also help me  reveal to me the extraordinary in the ordinary, beauty, and poetics in the sometimes less glamorous intricacy of their existence.


I approach the street with a curious and open-minded eye in a constant quest for the extraordinary in the ordinary. The street is my stage. I set the scene for my stories to develop and choose the actors and their parts. And punctually, the miracle happens before my eyes, and the show can begin.



The landscape created by humans reveals the story and the peculiarity of the humans who created it. My interest in people makes urban photography an inevitable complement and an essential exercise to understanding the environment they live in.