My name is Marco Inzerillo, and I am an Italian street photographer who lives and works in Miami. Born and raised in Italy and educated in Political Sciences and International Law, after many years working in the financial industry in Frankfurt (Germany), I leaped on a new career path following a dramatic life-changing event. I started transforming my passion for photography into a challenging and inspiring full-time activity. I approach photography with a curious and open-minded eye in a constant quest for beauty, for the extraordinary in the ordinary. With my original visual language, I freeze serendipitous moments in time to create impactful narratives where streets become stages that make the uniqueness of human beings manifest in all its complexity. My images speak about how I see the world around me: colorful or monochromatic chaos filled with hidden images that I invite others to discover, a documentary and cinematic photography style, and the mixing of natural and artificial elements that create magical realism.
My work has been exhibited at Adelson Galleries in Boston,at Coral Gables Museum, at HistoryMiami Museum, and in 2023 I have been chosen by the City of Miami Beach for a temporary public art project. I am the official photographer of the artwork of Colombian artist Federico Uribe www.federicouribe.com

My quest will never end.